Saturday, 25 May 2013

Hazel's Quilt

Work in progress - currently making a strip quilt for my friend Claire's youngest daughter (her older daughter will be getting a pink one when I can afford to buy some more material)..... And yes, it desperately needs ironing!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Wish list - Newcastle

I thought I would try something a little different as I've been working on the same quilt for quite a while now and I don't feel like I'm posting enough entries in this blog.  So, I fancied making a wish list of things with a very loosely interpreted theme.  Today, things from my adopted home city of Newcastle upon Tyne!

Newcastle tram / bus scroll vintage style poster print
Newcastle Bus Scroll Print - from destinationprintsuk on Etsy.  There's something about these prints that seems timeless - I probably have enough transport related posters in my home but there's always room for some more! 

Porcelain lace heart dish
Porcelain Lace Heart Dish - by Jessicacatherinecreates on Folksy.  Isn't this gorgeous? I love seeing lace on ceramics, and the red makes it stand out.  So pretty! The seller also has lots of other ceramic designs on her shop page - some would look lovely on a Christmas tree (never to early to start buying for Christmas, I say...)

Limited Edition Giclee Print of 'Usain' Hare (edition of 100)

Limited Edition Giclee Print of 'Usain' Hare (edition of 100) by Gina Gelder Illustration.  I love anything rabbit/hare like and I think that this print is beautiful. One to save up for! Check out her shop for some lovely squirrel prints, too.

Quirky kitsch Playmobil light pull ( lightpull, lamp pull )
Playmobil Light pull - Welcome to Dodds Design Shop.  All I can say is, I absolutely love Playmobil as a kid and would've given anything for one of these - several designs available and great value too!

Pair of comic book table place mats
Pair of comic book table place mats - Theupcycler.  I have a soft spot for old comics (and I used to read both the Dandy and the Beano).  How great would these be in a retro themed kitchen diner?

Iconic Newcastle/Gatehead Cufflinks
Iconic Newcastle/Gateshead Angel of the North Cufflinks - Alison Wiffen Ceramics.  It would be rude to have Newcastle post without the Tyne Bridge featuring, eh! Very stylish - a great gift for Father's day, perhaps? :)

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Edward's Quilt

A school friend of mine recently had a little baby called Edward, who arrived three weeks early - that'll teach me that no matter how hard you try to be organised somehow you'll be thrown off your best made plans!
I came back from a lovely weekend away in the Lake District with my partner yesterday at lunchtime - he put the final of the snooker on at 2:30pm. Nothing sends me to my sewing machine faster than sports on tv. I watch my partner play in pool competitions during the week, but they're in the local pubs and I'm normally too busy talking to watch the games. Anyway, back to crafting. I managed a solid 6 hours from fabric cutting to quilt completion - a record for me! (I normally run out of fabric/thread*/patience to finish anything in one sitting). Phew. Fuelled only by ginger wine, too! After a short break I whipped up a few burp cloths to go with, using some spotty and some Dr Seuss fabric.  Happy days, eh!
I might even write up a burp cloth tutorial if I find the time this week.
*I've run out of thread for summer baby's quilt...bah! On hold until I get some more.
Oh, forgot to say, the red quilt for Dillan was very well received :)
Excuse the weird photo order, my phone has a mind of its own...

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Farewell, Red Quilt!

Saying goodbye to Dillan's red quilt today, *sniff*.  I hope he likes it (as much as a 2 and a half year old can!). 
(Yes, it's upside down.  This is what happens when you ask your fella to take a photo of it for you when you're not there....he did however cut off any loose threads and put up a mirror for me in the bathroom whilst I'm at work so I can't complain, eh! :) )